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Project preparation


The aim of this conference is to advise researchers on the preparation and presentation of their research projects, based on our experience in the Unit. The aim is to avoid the mistakes made in previous calls for proposals and to achieve greater success in the awarding of projects and more funding for new ones. Contents: How to successfully prepare a research project, What's new in the call, Evaluation criteria, Deadlines, Types of projects, Participation requirements, Electronic processing of applications, At the Vice-Rector's Office, Recommendations.


The Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation publishes the Cuaderno Cómo elaborar un proyecto en ciencias de la salud, a manual that brings together the experience in the development and evaluation of research projects of a number of professionals in Spain and Europe. Coordinated by Blanca Lumbreras (Professor of the Department of Public Health at the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante), Elena Ronda and Mª Teresa Ruiz Cantero (both professors of preventive medicine and public health at the University of Alicante), its aim is to illustrate what to include and how to construct a research project.