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As part of our initiative to share and continually improve educational resources, we invite our teaching community to contribute developed versions of their teaching materials for publication in the journal Infonomyopen access journal diamante.

How to contribute?

I. Preparation of materials: Develop between 300 and 3,000 words (excluding bibliography) of the teaching materials you have used in your course. Make sure they are clear, detailed and representative of effective teaching methods. Make use of this template in Word Remember to cite and reference the video from your YoSigo course!

II. Sending materials: Send the manuscript to AKTIVITÄTEN DASS o wences@go.ugr.es

III. Review process: All submissions will be evaluated by members of the YoSigo commission to ensure that they meet minimum quality criteria.

IV. Publication: Once approved, your materials will be published in Infonomy magazine.

For more information on the submission process and the evaluation criteria, please see Infonomy author guidelines.

Take this opportunity to share your experience and enrich learning beyond our community.

We look forward to your contributions!