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General guidelines

Access to classrooms

Classes are broadcast with Google Meet. The courses are accessed via the access section in content that can be found on each of the course sheets. Remember that to find out the link you must create a profile on the platform and then log in to the platform.

10 minutes

Students will have to access 10 minutes before the start of the activities, in that time we will solve problems of access, connection, etc... At the scheduled time, classes will start and no more doubts about access will be solved so that the activity is not delayed or interrupted.

#yosigopublicando = Google Meet

We recommend that you access Google Meet using the same email address with which you have registered on this platform. Also make sure you identify yourself correctly on both platforms with your name and surname. This will make it easier for us to identify participants and issue certificates.

Open session

Preference will always be given to the University of Granada community. That is to say, all those who have an account with a go.ugr.esThe Meet system will allow you to access directly. If you are from the UGR and do not yet have an account, we recommend that you open one. In the event that places are not filled at the beginning of the session, the moderators of the session will allow anyone who wishes to attend to do so, thus opening up this initiative to other communities. Normally we do not reach 250 participants, so there is usually room for everyone. If you are from outside, we will admit you 10 minutes before the session starts. In case you are not from the UGR and have not been able to access, you can always consult the open videos.


During the session, an automatic roll call will be taken by the moderators. This information will be used for the issuing of certificates. Attendance at a 75% of the session will be considered necessary to obtain a certificate. Once your attendance has been verified you can download your certificate. For this purpose, it is convenient that you identify yourself in the same way on our platform and on Google Meet.


The moderators will record the class for broadcast, and entering the session implies that you give us your consent to record. Those who do not wish to appear in the recording may attend by disconnecting their audio and video, thus preserving their anonymity. By agreeing to attend the course, students and the University expressly authorise the recording of voice, image and video. The recorded sequences will be used solely for the teaching purposes expressed in this document.

Microphones and chat

It is very important that you keep your microphones switched off as they generate disturbing noise. Students who do not respect this simple rule may be expelled from the room. Google Meet also has a chat room where you can interact with the teacher and, of course, ask any questions you may have. Of course, please use the chat in a polite and respectful tone towards the teacher and the other participants. The moderators may expel those participants who use the chat in an inappropriate and offensive way.

Display configuration

To avoid seeing the faces (cameras) of other users during the broadcast, you must configure your Google Meet session as follows once the broadcast has started:

  • bottom right corner of Meet, click on the ellipsis icon,
  • a menu will appear with the option "Change design",
  • choose the "Focus" option.

We recommend that you take a look at some quick Google Meet tutorials if you don't know it.

Telegram group

It is important that participants register in the Telegram groupThis is our real time communication tool and will be useful when notifying you of incidents, changes of rooms or timetables.


The University of Granada is not responsible in any way for the opinions or information expressed by the teachers of the courses. The publication of the videos does not imply recognition of the information as true, nor does it imply approval, conformity or endorsement. The opinions expressed reflect only the personal opinion or point of view of the teachers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions you can take a look at our frequently asked questions

Open Telegram group

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If you have any doubts or incidents, you want to collaborate by giving a course or you have any suggestions, you can contact us through the contact form or our Telegram group.