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The craft of the scientist: science of science and Bourdieu's Reflexivity

Bourdie, P. The scientist's craft: science of science and reflexivity. Anagrama. 2003

This book, the last published during the author's lifetime, is a record of his last course at the Collège de France in 2001. His aim was to subject the field of science to a historical and sociological analysis. Pierre Bourdieu starts from the tension between reason and history. On the one hand, the challenge of the Enlightenment: the possibility of a reason that emancipates itself from historical contingencies. On the other hand, the observation of the social sciences: reason is always inscribed in a socio-historical context. To resolve this antinomy, Bourdieu proposes the path of a rationalism that assumes its historical part. Starting with a social history of the sociology of science and a survey of the reflections of Merton, Kuhn, Feyerabend, Durkheim, among others, the author gives a master class in meta-science, the sociology of science, and the philosophy of science.


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