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Álvaro Fernández Ochoa

Department of Analytical Chemistry
University of Granada
After finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry in 2014 at the University of La Rioja, I completed the Master's Degree in Chemical Sciences and Technologies (KHEMIA) at the University of Granada during the 2014/2015 academic year. Since 2015, I belong to the research group AGR-274 at the University of Granada, and I am currently finishing my PhD studies in Chemistry at the University of Granada with a FPU predoctoral contract. The research line of my PhD thesis focuses on the development of metabolomic strategies in biological samples using advanced analytical techniques, for application in the following two areas: development of functional foods and the study of seven systemic autoimmune diseases. In 2018, I carried out a pre-doctoral stay at Chalmers University (Sweden), with the aim of developing data processing methodologies and statistical analysis based on R. I have actively participated in the organisation of three editions of the national congress of researchers in training (JIFFI).
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