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Open Science and Methodology: How to improve the research paradigm

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Scientific research serves as the foundation for our understanding of the world, driving innovation, technological advancement, and informed decision-making. However, the credibility and reliability of scientific findings are directly linked to the quality of the methodology employed in the research process. A well-structured and rigorous methodology is not just desirable, it is a fundamental necessity for producing meaningful and trustworthy results. Yet, an insufficient emphasis on methodology and epistemology (the philosophical study of knowledge) persists in academic institutions and scientific laboratories where they are often regarded as mere technicalities. They are inherently tied to critical thinking: The ability to evaluate, analyse and question any information. However, the cultivation of critical thinking skills is frequently assumed rather than explicitly taught; and without a deliberate focus on methodology, students and researchers may lack the tools to critically assess the robustness and validity of their research, leading to potential oversight and biases. Open Science is a philosophy that emphasises transparency, reproducibility, and accessibility of research findings. Researchers are encouraged to provide comprehensive details about their study design, data collection methods, and analytical approaches. Here we will discuss how Open Science facilitates a deeper understanding of the research process by enabling researchers to assess the validity and reliability of the methodology employed in their study. We will also discuss how Open Science contributes to the refinement, adjustment and enhancement of methodology in a specific field, ultimately resulting in a more robust and reliable research paradigm.

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